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Decoding VIN/Chassis Numbers

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After locating the position of the VIN number on your car, you can now decode the VIN number. As mentioned above, each car brand has a different way to regulate their VIN numbers. However, regardless of the manufacturer's method, the VIN number always has to include information about the manufacturing date. In each VIN number, there will be one code representing the month of production and another code indicating the year of production. However, each car brand will locate the month code and year code in a different position. Check the table below to find the location of these codes in a VIN number.When it comes to buying cars, besides having knowledge about the car models, it is also important for the customers, especially first-time car buyers, to know how to check the condition of the car, be it a new or a used car. One of the most important aspects of the inspection is to check the validation of the given information, for example, the manufacturing date. In some cases, the dealers might fake the data about the manufacturing date to trick the car buyers into thinking that the model they are buying is of the newer generation. This way, dealers can clear up the remaining old stocks. To avoid buying old or outdated stock, it is very important to know how to check the manufacturing date of a car. In the following, IndianAuto will break down the VIN or chassis number to help you check the manufacturing date of a car.